How much does unclear marketing cost you?

Most businesses struggle to create marketing that connects with their customers and generates profitable growth. When you lack a clear message and strategy, it means:

  • Customers don’t buy your services
  • Your company gets lost in the crowd
  • Your team lacks enthusiasm
  • You struggle to keep your pipeline full
  • Your marketing campaigns flop
  • You can’t achieve your vision

Marketing should be easy. Too many business spend lots of time and money on complicated, cluttered marketing that doesn’t work. At Hey Salty, we keep it simple, helping growth-oriented B2B companies in complex, technical industries achieve their goals and objectives.

B2B Inbound Marketing with flavor.


At Hey Salty, we exist to help grow businesses that create quality jobs and build back the U.S. middle class.

We are a full-service marketing and communications solutions agency. We specialize in partnering with growth-oriented B2B companies.

With our depth of expertise, consultative approach and Integrated B2B Growth Strategy℠, we help our clients develop and implement marketing to achieve their goals and objectives.

From fintech startups to third generation, family-owned firms, we’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes with marketing that helps them grow and achieve their goals and objectives.

We make B2B marketing simple.

Effective B2B inbound marketing builds long-lasting relationships between you and your customers. We help our clients execute marketing that works with three simple steps.


We start by assessing your current situation, so we can develop a plan based on your reality and sales process.


With a plan in place, we help implement marketing and communications that attract new customers and build meaningful connections.


With marketing that works, you’re in a position to grow your company, your team and your profits

Your growth starts now.