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Many businesses around the world turn to video productions to supplement their digital marketing strategies. Recordings catch the attention of potential customers, making it the #1 way to help consumers learn about new brands.

Many consumers report that films have influenced them to make a purchase, with many companies using social media videos to bring in customers. Start reaching your target audience in Bakersfield now. Contact Hey Salty to create a video and tell your story.

Basics of the Video Production Process

The process includes three main phases:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Our company helps through each production phase. Contact us for the experience and equipment to perform services and create videos. As a full-service production company in Bakersfield, we’ll walk you through each step and help you develop a video that meets the needs of your company.

Steps in the Pre-Production Phase

Pre-production in Bakersfield, California represents the first step in making a business video. During the first part of the film production process, you’ll be in contact with an external video team and primary point person to discuss your:

  • Goals and the strategy for the video
  • Scope and budget
  • Timeline for the project
  • Audio and equipment needs

Additionally, the pre-production phase in Bakersfield involves services like selecting a story for your video, hiring talent, creating characters, and scouting locations. We’ll discuss all the services of this phase when you contact us. Take charge of drawing attention to your business right now.

Steps in the Production Phase

Our team in Bakersfield handles all services associated with the production phase for you. During production for a business video, we will set up:

  • The video camera (or cameras)
  • Sound and audio
  • Lighting

Depending upon the services you need, we may perform interviews on camera or record voiceover to finish videography. Our videographers in Bakersfield may also record b-roll (or extra) footage to strengthen captured video in Bakersfield or for duplication purposes.

Steps in Post-Production

During the post-production phase in Bakersfield, we perform services to develop your final video. Our videography experts can:

  • Log all interviews
  • Select music for the video
  • Handle video editing
  • Create supporting graphics

The video editor works to ensure you convey your message to reach your goal in Bakersfield. Contact us to ask questions about the video. A final review allows you to assess video content and work with the project point person to ensure the footage delivers what you want.

Types of Corporate Film

What kind of corporate videos can you create in Bakersfield? Many people think of marketing or advertisements to draw in customers. We are prepared to help you with services to create a marketing video, but you may also want a video for the following:

  • “About Us”
  • Product description
  • Service description
  • Events or highlights
  • End-of-the-year
  • Explanatory

Some companies in Bakersfield want to create a video on their landing page that focuses on the beauty of their location, the services they offer, or events they take part in. Other businesses create short, eye-catching recordings for social media or blog posts that encourage customer contact.

We are ready to discuss the kind of services you want for your company in the future. Contact us to learn more.

We Handle Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to connect with consumers. Real-world testimonials about your products or services help demonstrate that you provide the value you promise. The professionals at Hey Salty know how to plan for and carry out interviews.

We can also film people using your product or the service you provide. We focus on making sure everything goes right during the testimonial recordings. After we’ve finished shooting, we clean up the interview, add music, and edit the video to create a streamlined product.

As always, you’ll have the chance to review, comment, and contact us regarding a testimonial before we finalize the project. Upon completion, you can post the testimonial on your website, blog, or social media platform.

Start Video Production Today

Videos serve as an engaging way to capture the attention of prospective customers. Our video company treats you like family during a video project. We’re passionate about storyboarding and editing, so discuss the message you want to convey with Hey Salty today.

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