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Public Relations in Bakersfield, CA

If you are having trouble advertising your products or services, a great PR team can help. Call Hey Salty at (661) 463-8608 to learn how our team can help you reach a greater audience within the Bakersfield community and elsewhere.

Hey Salty offers public relations Bakersfield, CA, businesses can depend on. Our media relations team helps clients in the development of their brands and shows them how to optimize their communications through traditional print marketing and web marketing. Our relationships with media outlets provide excellent opportunities for exposure to increase community recognition.

Call Hey Salty today to learn how our marketing and PR department can help shape your public profile and enhance communications with your target audience.

What Are Public Relations?

A public relations firm’s understanding of the local and national marketing landscape enables it to craft strategic communications plans and strategically position content that highlights a business’s strengths.

Public relations professionals have strong connections within community press outlets where an opinion editorial they help compose or a write-up from a press release can earn valuable exposure.

Digital media has become one of the greatest resources for business promotion, and these platforms evolve very quickly. Hey Salty’s public relations department makes it a mission to keep up to date with developments, allowing clients to ride trends, improve search engine rankings, and optimize community outreach.

Traditional Marketing

The traditional press remains important for publicizing businesses, new programs for students, or community events. Local newspapers still carry much weight with Bakersfield residents, and a well-written op-ed can reach an audience full of potential customers or clients.

The PR department at Hey Salty helps businesses write clear and persuasive copy that enhances marketplace position and builds strong community relations.

Contacts within the local community can also help generate mentions in newspapers or on a local TV news program. Once a business becomes noticed via the traditional press, readers often turn to the web to learn more.

Digital Marketing

Everybody is on the web these days, and this makes digital PR vital for external  communications. At Hey Salty in Bakersfield, our PR department services include the following:

  • Design and creation of websites
  • Website audits and analytics
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Blog and blog content creation
  • Project permitting
  • Social media strategy, analysis, and marketing programs
  • Social listening and metrics
  • Social advertising
  • Social brand and influencer campaigns
  • Online reputation and crisis management


Website development is an art, and a beautiful website can enhance a brand and provide resources to help customers learn about the products and services offered by a company. Getting noticed on the ever-expanding World Wide Web is the holy grail of the marketing industry and it can be a game-changer for a business’s success. A mention in the traditional print media can be responsible for driving traffic to a firm’s website, but without that boost, it takes excellent resources and a strong PR and digital media strategy to make the site stand out from the enormous competition. In addition, it is essential to develop search engine optimization that will help the website achieve a good position in search engine rankings. Content is key, and the media advisory team at Hey Salty has created content that has improved the search engine positions of many Bakersfield community businesses. They can do the same for yours.

Social Media

Social media plays an ever-increasing role in digital marketing strategies, and a great PR team can help with resources that will make your Facebook page or Twitter account memorable and helpful in search engine optimization. Skilled at using all the tricks in this quickly evolving world, the digital marketing team at Hey Salty can create client video and other media content that will rack up likes and, more importantly, shares that will increase communication of your services to an audience beyond your established community.

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The PR department at Hey Salty consists of communication experts who can spread the word about your services or events to the Bakersfield community and beyond. Whether you want to create a video to promote a new product, a sign to welcome Cal State students back to school, or craft a position piece for a local news program, we have you covered.

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