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To make your Bakersfield, California, business stand out, you need an exceptional web design company. Call Hey Salty at (661) 463-8608 to learn how we can help businesses in Bakersfield with web design and more.

At Hey Salty, we understand the challenge small businesses have getting press attention or traffic on the Internet. Years of design experience have taught us the importance of first impressions and as Bakersfield’s go-to graphic design specialists, we know how to use great web design to get companies noticed.

We are proud to offer graphic design Bakersfield, CA, businesses have relied on for many years. Call today at (661) 463-8608 to learn more about our web design.

Why Graphic Design Matters

Great graphic design connects more immediately with potential customers or clients than any other communication.

When people in Bakersfield, California, search the web, they face many choices. Narrowing the choice begins the decision-making process, and with out-of-date or non-existent graphic design, companies are often eliminated from web searches before having a chance to prove themselves to clients in Bakersfield or greater California.

Why Hire a Bakersfield, California, Graphic Design Company?

Eye-catching graphic design attracts attention on the web and helps in the marketing and advertising of products and services. However, web design trends constantly change. Creating high-quality web design for your company should not be left to chance.

Staying up to date with current web design trends is critical for company marketing but is often a design area that is overlooked. The graphic designers at Hey Salty make sure your company’s web design and print design will attract attention.

Graphic Design Services in Bakersfield, California

There are many ways a great graphic design company can attract attention to your company and its work. Here are some of the most important areas of design:

Social Media Advertising Service

Social media can widen your audience reach beyond your own website. More than half the global population uses social media and that number continues to rise by the day. With that number of users, you can’t afford to ignore the value of social media for online advertising. Social media platforms range from Facebook to LinkedIn, and the best one to use ultimately depends on your kind of business. Our team will determine the right social media platform for your business to use to reach your target audience and implement a strategy.


A great brand identifies a business and reflects its purposes and values. No matter how many different functions the company has and no matter what it does in the future, the brand must embody everything the company stands for. Above all, a brand should be recognizable. Branding is most memorably established via graphic design, as seen in advertising, brochures, logo design, and web design. A professional graphic design company can help create a brand that will convey a business’s purpose to Bakersfield, California, and well beyond.

Logo Design

Logos are important tools in brand establishment, identifying businesses on the web and in printed materials. Memorable logos help customers remember a business or an organization. Logo design is an important part of any marketing or advertising campaign, and the experts in logo design at Hey Salty use their design experience to make sure every project they touch stands out in Bakersfield, California

Print Design

Newspaper advertising and brochures are important marketing tools. Thoughtful print design makes your information memorable and easily understood. The design of everyday printed materials shouldn’t be overlooked in a marketing strategy. Here are some areas where the expertise of a graphic design company can work to enhance a business’s image through thoughtful design: Design of business cards Design of envelopes Design of writing paper Design of invoices By creating consistent print design, these can all become powerful tools in establishing a business’s identity.

Web Design

Today, quality web design is crucial to image creation. Great web design will pay for itself in traffic to a company’s website. Brochures, advertising, and email marketing are all on the web, and of course, companies have websites that showcase their products and services. The drawback is that with so much web content, getting noticed is only half the process. A digital media strategy can leverage graphic design to draw traffic to websites, but sites must also make customers want to spend time on them. A web design company can create a stylish and memorable website with web design that keeps visitors’ attention for sufficient time for them to understand the quality of the products or services being offered. Also important to web design is organization that ensures customers in Bakersfield, California, click the right links.

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The graphic designers at Hey Salty know how to get your company noticed in print and with first-rate web design. Our years of experience and excellent services that pay for themselves in results have made us the go-to graphic design company in Bakersfield, California.

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