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Email Marketing Services in Bakersfield, CA

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Contrary to popular belief, emails are still one of today’s most effective digital marketing tools. While new platforms get the most hype, emails continue to quietly deliver impressive engagement, cost efficiency, and consistency. From newsletters to sales prospecting outreaches, emails can be a versatile, trackable, timely, and highly effective channel.

Your business or company can improve your branding efforts by taking full advantage of Hey Salty’s services. Our team of dedicated specialists will build, develop, execute, and manage your company’s custom strategy.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a worthy investment. Emails allow you to reach a wide audience in very little time. Recipients can respond immediately, regardless of when they receive your emails. Most importantly, your audience expects to receive offers in your emails, so they’re already in a buying mindset. You’ll have an easy time converting leads already receptive to offers from your brand.

Another critical component of this strategy is that you can measure the results. You can assess your campaigns based on the number of emails opened, links clicked, and the conversion rates from general clients to actual consumers. Having such extensive data allows us to adjust our strategies as needed for the best results.

Our Email Marketing Services

As a full-service marketing agency in Bakersfield, we help companies create and run effective email marketing campaigns for business growth. Our services come with numerous benefits. Firms can take advantage of the following email marketing services:

Custom Strategies

The first thing we’ll do is tailor an email strategy for your business. The strategy will define your potential customers and design a content strategy to put your brand message across.

Email List Management

Our team builds, deploys, and manages your contact database while expanding it with prospective leads and loyal clients. The process also involves removing unengaged subscribers or clients—failure to do so negatively impacts your email deliverability.

Managed Marketing

Each project has a dedicated account manager who knows your name and understands your business, industry, and goals. Their job is to monitor your investment, so you as the owner are free to focus on other business-related issues.

Website Calls to Action

Implementing calls to action on your website allows us to promote your lead magnets. That way, we can convert your site visitors into email subscribers and eventually paying clients.

Online Marketing Tracking and Evaluation

Our experts track responses to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. We also make necessary changes to ensure optimal engagement.


Advertising your lead magnets allows us to grow your email list fast. We’ll advertise your lead magnets on Google and social media to generate more subscribers. We direct traffic from SEO efforts to eventually opt in to your email contact list.

Email Newsletters

Our team can design email newsletters that keep your clients up to date with your products/services, the latest industry developments, and any other subject of interest.

Regular Reports

We’ll send regular reports to break down your email performance. Some of the main metrics we consider are subscribers, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Our team will review the results and analyze them thoroughly to develop an improvement strategy for continued success.


We’ll help you select and implement scalable email software to receive leads and send emails at an affordable price.

Custom Email Design

A well-executed design drives action and improves sales. We have the knowledge and expertise to draft professional and custom emails to engage your audience and establish long-term relationships.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Email Marketing in Bakersfield, CA

Finding an online marketing agency that understands your business, goals, industry, growth strategy, and competition can be challenging. You won’t need to worry about that when you work with Hey Salty. Some of the benefits of working with us include:


Don’t have the resources, staff, time, or expertise to handle your emails? We’ll do the work for you, so you’re free to focus your energy on more important things.

We’re a Full-Service Marketing Agency

Our marketing agency can handle more than just your email campaign. We offer a wide array of service solutions to help you achieve business growth at an affordable price.

Get Value for Your Money

With a focus on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), we have designed our email marketing services to fit the budget of any small business owner. That means you can avoid hiring in-house and leverage our expertise to generate better results for your business.

Are you ready to get quality results? Call our Bakersfield, CA, office today at (661) 463 -8434 to schedule a consultation with our skilled marketing professionals at Hey Salty.