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Email and Print Newsletters in Bakersfield, CA

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There is a seemingly endless supply of ways to promote your business and generate more sales, but one option you shouldn’t overlook is print and email newsletters. Print and email newsletters are viable marketing options for all types of companies.

Below, you will discover everything you need to know about these newsletters and why they can be a profitable choice for your business.

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is exactly how it sounds: an informational letter with a targeted mailing list that will explain relevant content about your company and products to the reader. There are endless possibilities when it comes to crafting your newsletter, and being strategic is key.

There are two types of newsletters: print-style newsletters and e-newsletters. The biggest difference is the delivery method. Let’s take a closer look at both email and print newsletter options.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter, often shortened to “e-newsletter,” is a type of newsletter that is delivered via email. Most of the time, viewers can open the email and read the valuable content by scrolling.

This is a convenient way to relay information existing and new customers alike about upcoming events, company news, discounts on services, or specials.

Less popular yet still a viable option is the attachment method. Instead of being in a single-column alignment, an email newsletter with an attachment will contain all of the information in a PDF or JPG format that the reader must open.

The main benefit of using an attachment is that you can add design elements that may be more intriguing to your consumers.

Pros of an Email Newsletter:

  • Reaches customers within seconds.
  • Can include a “call to action” that promotes an immediate response.
  • Cost-effective.

Print Newsletter

Email newsletters are far more convenient than printed newsletters, but don’t take that to mean printed newsletters are obsolete.

In fact, many companies will tell you that direct mail newsletters are read more often than emails, which are much easier to delete than their paper equivalents.

Physical newsletters are printed on paper and sent as direct mail pieces to a potential client, an existing client, or even for personal use. The size and design of the newsletter will differ depending on your wants and needs.

Some businesses may prefer a large company newsletter that explains their services and specials in-depth using one of our pre-designed templates.

Others will use smaller templates to fit snug in an envelope and convey more rudimentary information like business hours, promotional products, or simple event invitations.

Keep in mind that professional stationery with colored print style or newsletters with graphics will be more expensive than a black-and-white version. However, colors and graphics will be far more appealing to readers, whether they are existing customers or potential new consumers.

Pros of a Printed Newsletter:

  • Connects with the reader as a tangible item.
  • You can easily set your business apart from competitor businesses with careful design tips.
  • You can include other items, such as a business card.

How to Create a Newsletter Customers Want to Read

The main goal of any newsletter is marketing. You want to get your company name out there and generate more clientele, which boosts sales and, ultimately, leads to better profits. Here are a few handy tips for creating a newsletter that customers actually want to read.

Make it clear and precise

Grab the reader’s attention immediately and let them know the purpose of the newsletter right away.

Set up a style and frequency

Consistency is key. If you want to engage with new and future clients, make sure you’re settled on a consistent style design and frequency of newsletters.

Brainstorm for the best ideas

Stuck on what to write in your next newsletter? Brainstorm with the rest of your team to decide what’s next.

Include the reader

Readers want to be involved. Promote participation of the client, and they will be more likely to enjoy the newsletter and respond.

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